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Add 3 Books to Your Library for Less Than a Latte – Christian Article

April’s free book is here! This month only, get your free copy of A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator by Charles Leland Quarles. Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner lauds the book in its foreword, saying: Quarles has given us an intellectual and theological feast. The work is written with wonderful clarity so that the message is accessible to laypeople. Still, the book’s message isn’t simplistic. Scholars and students will be challenged by the exegetical and…

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What Is the Family of God For? Or Why You’re Not an Only Child. – Christian Article

If you want the deepest experience of your vertical relationship with God, check your horizontal relationships with the family of God. You are not an only child in God’s family. People in healthy families always share responsibilities. The Church is a spiritual family of believers, so our relationship with God correlates in various ways with our relationships with one another. If you ignore the “one anothers” in the Bible, you won’t receive everything God wants to give you. Imagine a…

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