Whatever Happened To Integrity? – Christian Article

Tweet How has integrity been disintegrating in society, business, and especially in politics? Costly Choices Years ago, a man applied for an executive position with a large company. He was applying for the Chief Financial Officer position…a job that paid over a quarter million dollars annually. After the man was interviewed by the CEO, and then later spoke to the Board, they all agreed that the man was a good choice. After approving of…

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A Morning Devoted to Un-Truths

This weekend I’ve been cross-posting articles from Christianity 201, as that blog begins year ten today. It seemed only fitting to go back one last time for this article, appropriate to April Fool’s Day. For much of the morning, in some parts of the world, people made (or are still making) outrageous, preposterous or untrue statements; waited a few seconds; followed by, “April Fools!” No doubt online there were false news stories, manipulated photos, and skillfully edited videos. In most…

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