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How Melanchthon Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jesus – Christian Article

Obviously, everyone should celebrate Reformation Day. At this point, even the Church of Rome has surreptitiously attempted to take on board many of the Reformation’s emphases, albeit in impure form and without the necessary dogmatic changes—er, development—that would allow her a closer conformity to the regula fidei. So, to celebrate the Reformation’s 502nd anniversary, herewith a poem by Philip Melanchthon. Melanchthon, Wittenberg’s “quite Reformer,” is moderately well known as a theologian; less so as a philosopher; still less to as…

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Returning to the Sources: The Scholarship of Richard Muller – Mere Orthodoxy – Christian Article

By Michael Lynch Today, if you walk into a random art gallery in the Grand Rapids, Mich. area, you might come across an 18th century Dutch landscape oil painting with a windmill or a church in its background. Perhaps, the painter’s name is Richard Muller. What you would be unlikely to know about this painter is that he has been one of the foremost historians of early modern protestant theology in the past century. Among his accomplishments, he has nearly…

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