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Why It Should Matter To You – Healthy Mind Ministry – Christian Article

As a Pastor, you have a charge given to you by God, to attend to his people. Caring for their needs and guiding them through life on the solid foundation of the Word of God, is the calling that has been placed upon your heart. You are to care for God’s people, shepherding them lovingly home to be with our Father in Heaven one day. This call encompasses caring for all their needs. Helping them apply Jesus Christ to their…

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Church Can Be A Scary Place For Those With Mental Health Issues Like Anxiety, PTSD or Depression… – Healthy Mind Ministry – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); For someone living with the many different forms of anxiety or depression, attending church can be next to impossible. We must start accepting the fact that as diverse as the human race is physically, it is also diverse mentally. There are many people who cannot attend a social function of any sorts, no matter if it is in the name of worshiping God, or not. Crowds, noises, and other stimulation become too much for…

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