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Against an Economy Financed by Human Bodies – Christian Article

By Andreas Vesalius During my teenage years, I experienced periods of intense disdain for my physicality. In becoming fully aware of my sexuality and my existence as a sexual being, I came to oppose such an existence. I envied the sexual unawareness of my prepubescent self. I began to believe my sexuality to be more a curse than a gift. The new and seemingly un-scratchable itch of desire coupled with my reflexive bodily responses to visual and psychological stimuli fostered…

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Book Review: Between Life and Death by Kathryn Butler – Christian Article

In their indispensable book Reclaiming the Body, Joel Shuman and Brian Volck recall a course on literature and medicine taught to 4th-year medical students. Students were asked to describe how they hoped to die with essays, and the results were as follows: Almost without exception, their essays were the antithesis of what they’d witness in the hospital. Death takes them placidly, painlessly, and almost by surprise, without time for suffering or unwanted reflection, though beloved friends and family happen by…

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