Good Shepherd

The Parable Of the Good Shepherd – Christian Article

Tweet Why does the Bible refer to believers as sheep? Why not eagles, falcons, lions or tigers? The Nature of Sheep My uncle in Iowa used to raise sheep, and I can remember him saying a lot of things about his sheep; most of it bad. For example, they would not come near us; my brother and I tried riding one…not a good idea. For one thing, sheep are defenseless against predators. They’re afraid…

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I AM Your Good Shepherd Who Cares For You – Christian Article

I AM Your Good Shepherd Who Cares For You Jan 16 PapaGod n Jesus Heart “I AM Your GOOD Shepherd Who CARES For You” Be Anxious for nothing. TRUST ME with ALL you life. I gave My life for you, will I not give you ALL things you NEED? Cast your cares n burdens on ME, for I care for you watchfully and affectionately. Do not fear, I AM with you. TRUST My Leading–Follow ME! My Way IS Truth and Life.…

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