Golan Heights

Israel Vows to Destroy Iranian Positions within 40 km of Syrian Border – End Times Christian Article

Syrian President Bashar Assad reportedly offered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a comprehensive deal that would include a Syrian demilitarized zone stretching 40 kilometers into Syria from its border with Israel.  This unprecedented move presumably resulted from Israel threatening to destroy all Iranian and Iranian-backed military forces and facilities within 40 km (25 miles) from its border with Syria.  In recent months, Iranian-backed forces have repeatedly tried to encroach into the Golan Heights in northern Israel, and the IDF has…

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Russia, Iran, and Israel Battle for Military Advantage in Syria – End Times Christian Article

The very nations that are predicted in the Bible to fight within the Middle East at the Time of the End now battle for military advantage in Syria.  Throughout 2018, Iranian forces have been setting up bases in Syria, and several times they have prompted Israel to respond militarily. On May 10th, during the early morning overnight hours, the Syrian Quds Force dramatically increased tensions as they fired 20 rockets at Israeli military positions within the Golan Heights region in…

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