Gog-Ezekiel 38 & 39

War in Gulf Developing: US Marine Expeditionary Force Deploys off Coast of Iran – End Times Christian Article

Www,discerningthetimes.me By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz June 26, 2019 , 4:49 pm And now I will tell you the truth: Persia will have three more kings, and the fourth will be wealthier than them all; by the power he obtains through his wealth, he will stir everyone up against the kingdom of Greece. Daniel 11:2 (The Israel Bible™) The amphibious assault ship USS Boxer carried the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and a combat helicopter squadron arrived in the region of the…

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Former Head Of The International Atomic Energy Agency Security Team Warns Israel That Iran Now Only 6-8 Months Away From Nuclear Missiles – End Times Christian Article

Www,discerningthetimes.me “Israelis need to be worried, and the Gulf states also have reason for concern,” Heinonen said. “How will you be able to ensure your security if Iran achieves nuclear abilities?” In the full interview, which will be aired Thursday morning, Heinonen said that despite IAEA’s claims, Iran can develop nuclear weapons in up to six to eight months. Slamming IAEA’s handling of the threat, Heinonen said the agency ignores Tehran’s race to achieve nuclear weapons. In his opinion, even…

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