God’s Sovereignty

God Has Amazing, Incredible and Unstoppable Plans For Us – Christian Article

Have you ever wondered if God has plans for your life? If God is all-knowing, then he must know what the future holds. But does God have specific plans for your life? Or is it up to you to make your plans and then ask God to bless them? God has great plans for each one of his children.  I am so glad to know this because I am not a good planner. And even if I were the best…

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Glorious Good News That Changes Everything – Christian Article

God is sovereign. When I learned this bedrock truth of Christianity it transformed my life. And remembering and meditating on this truth has brought me hope and comfort through many trials, large and small, for decades. What Does Is Mean That God Is Sovereign? The sovereignty of God is the biblical teaching that God is infinite, eternal, and above all things. He created all things, rules and is in absolute control of all things. He knows every thought, word and…

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God Is In Control: 14 Glorious, Comforting Realities – Christian Article

Again and again the Bible teaches and affirms that God is in control of all things. He is sovereign over all things, including human history. He created the galaxies and upholds the universe by the word of his power. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows the thoughts of every person on earth. Nothing can happen that he does not allow and he works all for the good of his people and his glory. If God were merely…

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