God’s Greatness

In Times Like These, Let’s Lift Up Our Eyes – Christian Article

During this pandemic, I have been checking the numbers every day. How many cases in the United States; how many deaths. I check the stats for the cities where my children and grandchildren live, and the numbers where my wife and I live. I haven’t been with my children or grandchildren in person for almost 4 weeks now. The coronavirus is always on the news. When my wife and I go for a walk in our neighborhood, we cross the…

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10 Powerful Truths To Remember About God During The Coronavirus – Christian Article

During a crisis it is so easy for us to focus on everything that is happening in the world, and all around us, and to take our eyes off the Lord. Almost every day we can be consumed with how many new cases have moved into our area or what steps the government is taking during this time. And there is nothing wrong with being concerned for our health and safety and that of our family and nation, and friends…

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God Is In Control: 14 Glorious, Comforting Realities – Christian Article

Again and again the Bible teaches and affirms that God is in control of all things. He is sovereign over all things, including human history. He created the galaxies and upholds the universe by the word of his power. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows the thoughts of every person on earth. Nothing can happen that he does not allow and he works all for the good of his people and his glory. If God were merely…

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