Godly Disciplines

Gene Bridges, Anthony Bradley, Greg Johnson, Michael Heiser, and Bruxy Cavey! – Christian Article

Gene Bridges comments on a Facebook discussion, Anthony Bradley continues to swing wide left, Greg Johnson comes out as a homosexual, Michael Heiser demonstrates he has not done even the most basic reading in Reformed theology, and Bruxy Cavey gets a tattoo that demonstrates he has no idea what God’s law is all about.  Wow, talk about eclectic!  Enjoy! Here is the YouTube link:Live Video StreamThe Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos of most…

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“Those Who Hate Me Love Death.” —Godly Wisdom – Christian Article

The news is filled with stories of the world expressing its hatred toward the faith and its express intention to take away the liberties and freedoms of anyone who will not bow the knee to Caesar (in our day, celebrate homosexuality, profane marriage, admit that women are men and men are women, abuse children, and, of course, murder children in the womb). This is our culture’s way of demanding that pinch of incense upon the altar. This is our “mark…

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The Gospels Reading Plan for 2019 – Christian Article

It is about that time of the year when we are introduced to creative ways to read our Bible for the next calendar year. Did you do it this year? This is my eleventh year encouraging others to take each day of the year to read and reflect on a single unit in the Gospels. Did you know there are about 365 units in the Gospels? In the past, I cited five good reasons to own a Gospel Synopsis.…

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