There’s Freedom for YOU! (Galatians – 2:1-10) – Christian Article

27 May There’s Freedom for YOU! (Galatians – 2:1-10) Sermon Summary: If you are a Christian, you are probably stuck in a prison of guilt, tradition, man-made rules, and burdens that you aren’t even aware of. This week, learn to walk in the freedom that comes by God’s grace through the Holy Spirit. It’s time to get those burdens lifted and beatdowns ended! College – Catholic, Chill, Charismatic (different, spoke, loved Jesus & Bible) Big church to the click/second VS…

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There’s Grace for YOU! (Galatians 1:11-24) – Christian Article

20 May There’s Grace for YOU! (Galatians 1:11-24) BAD News –  Booh or Yeah Russia Probe,  Socialism,China Trade Deal                   Good News vs Bad News: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11  World – bad news & false gospels Word – good news & real gospel 1). You have a problem (vs secular there’s no sin) 2). You are the problem (vs blaming everyone/everything else) 3). There is a solution (vs hopeless despair) 4). You are not the solution (vs…

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Stop Distorting the Gospel: What I Noticed When I Read Galatians – Christian Article

The book of Galatians might be the earliest of Paul’s epistles and it is definitely the harshest. When this letter was written to the churches in Galatia, Paul was steaming mad with righteous anger because false teachers were corrupting the churches he planted on his first missionary journey. Here are a few things I noticed in Galatians about the gospel, the promises of God, the Law of Moses, and the Spirit. Distorting the Gospel Paul dealt with a particular problem…

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