Would you like to receive $25 FREE products from Avon? – Christian Article

Thinking about starting a Home Based Business? Why not think about Avon? Who can you think of that would like $25 in FREE products for starting their Avon business? You can set up your estore, earn 40 percent of your sales, fundraising opportunities and earn paid vacations. Avon has health and wellness products, clothing, fundraising opportunities, beauty products, and cologne for men and women. Visit my estore at This is Only a Snippet of a Christian Article written by…

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Half a Million Dollar to a 4 Million Dollar Biz in Avon what some of our Avon Reps are selling – Christian Article

It’s up to you to decide if this Avon business is worth working for you. A representative who sold over half a million dollars in Avon products without a store (brick & mortar) and she works a full time job to boot. Wow! Just wow Debbie Loflin! Amazing Alba Tabares and her husband and partner in business. They have more than a four million dollar business annually. Avon has wellness & health products, clothing, shoes, purses, cologne and shower gel…

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In the Early Days of Merge Tags

In the Early Days of Merge Tags Merge tags are common now, but there was a time when it was new technology. Imagine gathering the staff in the mail room and pointing out how key paragraphs of the latest fundraiser were personalized for each individual.  Then there was Cobb’s Chicken Take Out. Someone keyed in their donation to The Old Time Gospel Hour under the name, “Chicken Take O. Cobbs.” And why not? The last name needs to be last, right?…

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