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37 Free Bible-Based Sunday School Lessons for Kids – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

For years, has partnered with amazing resource providers to give you free Sunday school lessons for kids as downloads. In this article, we’ve compiled our 37 favorite Bible lessons for kids. Read on to find… 10 Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids The Rocks Cry Out Engage your kids in Palm Sunday with this simple science experiment using rocks. How to Train Your Attitude is a Bible lessons for kids package to help kids have the right attitude in all…

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Homemade Patriotic Pinwheels – Christianity Cove – Christian Article

If you want a little celebration, this is the perfect time of year for patriotic pinwheels! They’re easy, fun, and give you a chance to talk to your cihldren about why we really still do live in a Christian nation”¦and what they need to do to keep it that way. Warning for small children: Pushpins involved! Materials – Sturdy scrapbooking paper, one sheet of a red pattern, one sheet of a blue pattern for each child.– Pushpins, one for each child–…

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