Fellowship Is Supernatural -Pastor Sam Adeyemi – Christian Article

One of the most significant ways in which a Christian experiences inspiration is through fellowship. When we gather together in fellowship, there is a unique manifestation of the presence of God (Ps. 133). The place where we gather together in fellowship is a place of blessing. Fellowship brings inspiration which illuminates our inner faculties. The psalmist talks about the impact of going to the sanctuary or the house of God in Psalm 73: 1-17 (MSG). It is so easy to…

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What is Real Christian Fellowship: What I Noticed When I Read Philippians – Christian Article

Paul’s letter to the Philippian church is short and sweet. It can very easily be read in one sitting. In fact, with books as short as Philippians, I like to read them twice in one sitting. If you do that, you may just pick up on something you missed the first time. That’s exactly what happened to me this week. Everyone knows Paul says a lot about joy and rejoicing in Philippians, but here is another theme you may have…

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