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Two resources for your church or family during the Advent/Christmas season – Christian Article

The Advent and Christmas seasons are just around the corner, a wonderful time of year to sing rich Christological hymns with your church and family. Here are two resources you might want to consider using this season: Hymns and Carols of Advent and Christmas Last year we published a new collection of hymns and carols for Advent and Christmas. This is simply all of the Advent/Christmas hymns included in Hymns to the Living God, published in a format convenient for…

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Start the New Year with Our Bible Narratives Reading Plan – Christian Article

Stories shape us. When we read a story, we enter a world that the author has created and thus become shaped by that world. Experiencing the world of the story forms our imaginations of reality, our perceptions and affections, and even our worldview and beliefs. The same is true—perhaps even more so—with the stories of Scripture. Biblical narratives shape our imagination of who God is, what he is like, and what he expects of his people. The difference, of course,…

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