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Short on Sermon Inspiration? Check Out Faithlife Proclaim’s 2019’s Top 10 Sermons. – Christian Article

With a Faithlife Proclaim subscription, you get automatic access to Faithlife Sermons. The two platforms work together—you can easily record and publish your church’s sermons with Faithlife Proclaim, and then they’re stored on Faithlife Sermons. (You can transcribe them at Faithlife Sermons, too.) But Faithlife Sermons is much more than a place to store your own sermons. With a quick search, you can see what other churches have done with Proclaim, get ideas for church presentations, and gather inspiration for…

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2019’s Most Popular Church Slides – Christian Article

Faithlife Proclaim has thousands of beautiful church graphics, countdown timers, motion graphics, and more for church slides. Picking a favorite would be impossible. So instead, we’ve collected the most popular options from Proclaim Pro Media (created by Faithlife’s professional designers) and free Proclaim Community Media (shared by Faithlife Proclaim churches) in 2019.  Since over 10,000 churches run Proclaim, that means these designs got a lot of uses—nearly 236,000. 1. Welcome 2. Background 3. Motion background 4. Motion background 5. Motion background…

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Tech Tuesday: Integrate with Proclaim – Christian Article

If your church is like many others, you use to plan your services. This video and linked tutorial show you how to integrate the two. That way you don’t have to double-up any work you do in This is just one of the ways Faithlife Proclaim streamlines the process of building church presentations. Check out the video below for an overview, or head over to our tutorial for detailed written instructions. (You can also check out articles for…

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