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I Am Loved, Therefore I Am: Perception and the Image of God – Christian Article

Editor’s note: This excerpt from The God of All Comfort provides a brief but fascinating reflection on human perception before the fall. It appears in the earlier part of the book, where the author is contrasting the beauty of perfection with the deformities of sin and horror. You can preview the first three chapters free with a subscription or trial to Faithlife Connect. By Scott Harrower Ideally, a certain kind of perspective on the world follows from being a person…

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Get a Free Bible Study Starter Pack – Christian Article

Yesterday we posted about ways to kickstart your yearly Bible study goals. Today, we’re back with another of a different kind: free Bible study starter packs. We all come into the new year with different goals. Some of us just want to finally nail down a habit of Bible reading, while others have loftier goals, like learning (or relearning) Greek and Hebrew. We’ve put together three packs for three different goals, available free with a trial to Faithlife Connect (and…

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