Faith and Work

How Do I Manage My Staff with Humble Confidence? – Christian Article

When managing others, how should I balance the important attribute of confidence (“I know this is what we should do and how we should get there”) with humility (“I need your insight on what we should do or how we should get there”)? You ask a good question that applies to Christians in all spheres of influence. Let’s first look at the idea of confidence, then how it relates to serving with humility those you manage. Confidence Misplaced I want…

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Help! I Resent My Husband’s Long Work Hours – Christian Article

My husband works long hours and travels a lot. I want to cheerfully support the work God has called him to, but I’m growing resentful. How can I think about this in a better way? Oh, sister, I see you. For a brief season of my life, my husband had a job that, while satisfying, required long work hours and lots of travel. I too battled resentment. It crept into my heart like weeds in a garden and threatened to…

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