Evidence for God’s Existence

A Simple Detective Skill to Help You Determine If God Exists – Christian Article

I’ve been investigating homicides in Los Angeles County for many years. If you’re a fan of murder mysteries and homicide shows, I’d like to share a simple investigative technique that may open your eyes to more than the identity of a killer. It may also help you determine if God exists. Detectives know that not every death scene is a crime scene. People die naturally, accidentally, by way of suicide or as the result of a homicide, and it’s not…

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Is God Real? The Evidence from Unity – Christian Article

I had a unique experience several years ago in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Joe Manning, the pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, asked me to create a conference to help answer the question: Is God real? We designed a series of talks providing evidence for God’s existence and the reliability of the New Testament Gospels. That part wasn’t unique; I get to participate in conferences of this nature often. But this time around I was also asked to sit in briefly as a…

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