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5 Myths about Missions | Crossway Articles – Christian Article

This article is part of the 5 Myths series. Some Misguided Reflections Hudson Taylor, the nineteenth-century missionary to China, died on June 3, 1905. He was a model of gospel devotion and personal sacrifice. He was bold, driven, gospel-focused and persevering. Yet at times he was also perceived as autocratic, impulsive, distracted, and harsh—a reminder that even once redeemed we are still imperfect, all of us. Still, his perseverance and faithfulness have had a huge impact on evangelical mission for…

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God Is at Work Worldwide—Even Here – Christian Article

God Is Not Geographically Limited I love to remind people that God is not just working on the other side of the world. We can get the mentality that, “Oh, God’s working over there but he’s no longer working over here.” And God is working in powerful ways across North Africa, or in China, or Central Asia, or other parts of the world, but he is also working right here in this country, in our context. God is powerfully at…

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Why the Apologist Must Also Play Offense – Christian Article

Christianity on the Defense With each passing generation, wherever Christianity flourishes, so too do distortion, misrepresentation, overemphasis, and outright malicious deceit. The church’s opponents will continue to accuse her of doing evil (this is assumed in 1 Peter 3:16), and so the Christian apologist assumes a defensive posture in order to repel false accusations whenever they come. The Apologist’s Task: Proof and Persuasion Apologetics, however, does not just entail defense. It also involves offense, the positive task of constructing a…

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