What Would Jesus Say To Greta Thunberg? – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Ever since Greta Thunberg made U.S. headlines in September speaking to the U.N. Climate Action Summit, I have wondered, What would Jesus say to Greta? Greta is a 16-year-old Swedish girl who started acting on her climate change convictions just a little more than a year ago. Rather than start her school year in the classroom, she chose to spend her days in front of the Swedish parliament leading up to an early September election. Her School Strike for Climate along…

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Should Christians Believe in Climate Change? – Christian Article

It’s no secret that people in our culture are deeply polarized over many different issues. One of the issues on which there seems to be much division is man-made climate change. Some say that humans are destroying the planet through carbon emissions. Others are doubtful, believing man-made climate change is politically motivated and has no basis in fact. How should Christians respond to the climate change debate? Should a Christian worldview allow for the possibility that we might be damaging…

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