Somos Church Series – How To Be A Better Human – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Church planting wasn’t on my list of things I hoped to do someday. But it has helped me to become a better human. It’s helped me get up and get moving because if we’re being real (p.s. there’s no other way to be unless we want to be boring and horrible pretenders) there are days when I want to be in my bed for all of it, or maybe buy an actual cave and live there because it’s easier than…

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Somos Church – Human Series – Youth Ministry Christian Article

I can’t believe we are already heading into week four of the HUMAN series at SOMOS! All of us are humans. We’ve got one wild life and it’s time we took at look at some of the ways we can grow! We are- studying 9 complex personalities of the Bible exploring the 9 personality types of the enneagram sharing resoruces, songs, art, and ideas for people who want to wake up to who they were created to be If you’d…

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