Podcast- I’m New! What do I do? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Listen as Mr. Mark discusses advice he shares with interns before stepping into their first kid’s ministry.  These five keys will help you step out on the right foot as you begin (or restart) your ministry to kids and families. Write down a “90 Day Goal.” Do your research. Join a group of like-minded peers. Figure out what you need. Journaling may save your life.   https://media.blubrry.com/mrmarksclassroom/content.blubrry.com/mrmarksclassroom/Podcast-I_m_New.mp3   This podcast was originally shared on Mr. Mark’s Classroom in April 2016.…

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The Endurance of the Saints – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

There are nearly two dozen New Testament scriptures that speak of enduring or holding fast to the end. The wrong way to read these scriptures is to think, “I must sweat and strive and endure or be disqualified from the kingdom.” If the Christian race is a marathon, it begins at the finish line. Christ has already endured which is why, in him, we can have peace when troubles come. So why does the Bible contain so many exhortations to endure?…

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