What Derek and his mom can teach the church about inclusion – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Numerous friends had been badgering me to check out a restaurant located near my office with a national reputation for preparing young adults with developmental disabilities to enter the workplace. I didn’t get to visit the Two Cafe and Boutique until our daughter from med school was in town and she and my wife were in search of something healthy for lunch. I’d been told by folks involved with our ministry that I needed to meet Shari Hunter, the founder…

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Take the Compensation Survey – The Youth Cartel – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Help us help you! We are once again partnering with fellow youth worker Dan Navarra on his Youth Worker Compensation Survey. Over the past three years this survey, and the reports that come out of it, have helped countless youth workers like yourself get compensated more fairly. Want to get a raise? You need data. Want to make sure you’re hired at the right rate of pay? You need data.  That’s why we need you to participate! The more youth workers who take the…

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Should A Christian Work At A Bar, Night Club Or Casino? – Christian Article

Tweet Can a Christian work as a bartender, at a night club, or at a casino and still be in a right relationship with God? Sinful Practices The Scriptures tell us to live holy lives before God and mankind, but this doesn’t mean we’ll be sinless. It should mean we’ll sin less than the world does because we have God’s Spirit and He convicts us of sin, but clearly, there are some things we…

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