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Nibiru 47 Day Earthquake Watch 6/4/20 to 6/24/20 – End Times Christian Article

This blog has put forth the theory that Nibiru is “ringing Earth’s bell” every 47 days and causing large earthquakes. We have been following this pattern for several years. In the January 2020 watch period there were 11 ea. M 6.0+ earthquakes, with one a M7.7. Here is some data from the post: Is Nibiru Ringing Earth’s Bell Every 47 Days? To put this in perspective in the last year there have been 141 M 6.0+ earthquakes. That averages to…

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Nibiru Large Earthquake Watch; 1/15/20 to 2/4/20, Cascadia in the Crosshairs!? – End Times Christian Article

  A theory has been put forth that large earthquakes have been occurring in a 47 day pattern. We have theorized that this 47 day pattern of earthquakes, which matches the reported 47 day orbital period of Nibiru, is being caused by Nibiru’s approach. For the data that leads to this conclusion see the post: Beware of the Nibiru 47 Day Large Earthquake Cycle . The next watch period in the 47 day pattern centers on 1/25/20 and runs from…

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