the Snake in Genesis 3 — was it Satan or Not? – The Outlaw Bible Student – Christian Article

As I get older and my knees hurt more, I use a walking cane to help me get around. I thought that a really nice one would be fun to have when leaving the house and going someplace special. In my grandfather’s day, he would have called it his “Sunday-go-to-meeting cane.” Since on our wedding anniversary, my wife and I exchange personal gifts, I thought I would bring this idea up to her, as our special date was approaching. “Mary,”…

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“Now the Bride will bring to birth the man-child.” – End Times Christian Article

On the 21st September at 2:58 am, I was awakened and heard the Lord speak, “Now the Bride will bring to birth the man-child.” I knew from the way it was spoken that the birth pangs had been going on for some time, but now the baby was going to emerge into full view. Immediately, I was reminded of Revelation 12 and the description of the woman with 12 stars on her head travailing to bring forth the man-child. Now…

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