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8 Questions about Demons & the Powers of Darkness, Answered – Christian Article

Hearing the word “demons” makes the skin crawl. It conjures up images from movie trailers and frightening stories of demon possession. Should Christians even think about demons? Bible scholar Dr. Michael Heiser is the perfect person to answer those questions. He’s spent a lot of time exploring these issues biblically, which has resulted in works including The Unseen Realm book (sold over 100,000 copies) and The Unseen Realm documentary. Now Dr. Heiser has written a brand-new book on demons, and…

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The Next Step for the Unseen Realm: Documentary Screening at Michael Heiser’s Church – Christian Article

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media. By Jesse Meyers Earlier this month, I had a chance to cross the velvet rope and walk the red carpet.  The Oscars? Nope, not this year. (Snubbed again!)  No, I was part of a delegation of Faithlifers in attendance at the premiere of The Unseen Realm movie in Jacksonville, Florida. We arrived in the evening and watched as well over 1000 people streamed in to view the film. When I found out last year that…

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Constantine, Conspiracy, and the Canon – Christian Article

Dan Brown’s bestselling conspiratorial thriller The Da Vinci Code seems like ancient history now. At its peak of popularity, the novel set records both for sales and for irritating scholars with its view that Jesus and the 12 apostles held to gnostic heresies. The book’s bizarre plot focuses on Jesus’ bloodline extending through a child born by Mary Magdalene. Within that narrative, Brown asserts that the New Testament canon was determined by the Roman Emperor Constantine—who was not friendly to…

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