Dr DK Olukoya

Surest Route Out Of Satanic Bondage – Pastor DK Olukoya – Christian Article

Ecclezzia.com In Joshua 1:8, God instructed us to meditate day and night on His word, if we want to prosper and have GOOD success in life. Since meditation is simply deep, intensive thinking about something, God is here commanding that we read and study His word and think deeply about what it reveals about Him. God, in His infinite mercy, wants us to go deep into His word, learn about His attributes, His past actions, explanation for His current actions,…

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Dangers of Leaving God Out Of The Calculation – DR. DK Olukoya – Christian Article

Ecclezzia.com God gave Abraham the land of Canaan where all the promises made to him were to be accomplished. It was Abraham’s personal decision to go down to Egypt without consulting God and obviously this was outside the plan of God. The decision eventually made Abraham to take over the control of his life from the hands of God who had made wonderful promises to him. He left God out of his calculations and soon became a victim of self-imposed…

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