Doctrine of God

Have God’s Attributes Changed Your Life Yet? – Christian Article

Puritan theologian William Ames (1576–1633) offered my favorite definition of theology: the art of living well. Robust theology ought to lead to robust living. Matthew Barrett’s new book, None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God (Baker) [read TGC’s review] characterizes this truth well. Before he became a scholar, Barrett had an awakening to the God of the Bible, and now he’s seeking to make his character and attributes clear and accessible to laypeople so that learning the attributes of God…

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Pure Being vs. Divine Lordship – Christian Article

God’s transcendence is beyond our power to imagine it. But even to make that statement we must have in our minds some idea of what the term transcendence means and how it might apply to God. Further, Scripture tells us that God is “high and lifted up.” Theologians and preachers have an obligation to expound this description of God along with all others. Indeed, it appears to be part of the meaning of the very word God that he transcends…

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