Divorce Issues

DC4K » 3 reasons grandparents who parent grandchildren are emotionally exhausted—and how you can help – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Grandparents who parent their grandchildren come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are healthy. Others aren’t. Some are financially stable. Others live on a fixed income. Many are married. And many are single. And some are in second and third marriages. But no matter the age, health condition, marital status, or finances, raising grandchildren is emotionally tough. Let’s look at three reasons why parenting grandchildren is so emotionally taxing. Then I’ll share some of the emotional challenges faced…

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Single dads are dads too! – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

  This month I’d like to bring emphasis to the single dads in our world today. Let’s start by thinking about single dads and Father’s Day. Father’s Day is set aside to celebrate the father’s in our world. Some children of divorce may not have a close relationship with their father. Perhaps the Lord has provided another person to play that father role. If the Lord has provided a grandfather, uncle, older siblings, neighbors or even a male mentor from…

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