DC4K » When grandparents have custody of the grandchildren – discipline and how the church can help – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

In my last post, I presented the many changes a grandparent must face when providing full time care for a grandchild or grandchildren when the child’s parents are not able to provide care. Now, I want to discuss the discipline issues many grandparents must face. It can be a daunting task to have to parent and discipline some of these children. Things have changed– you can’t discipline the second and or third generation like you did the their parents. These children are…

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Why do behavior problems escalate when there is a divorce? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

  There are many things happening in a child’s life when parents separate or divorce. The child doesn’t understand adult problems and even though a lot of their friends have divorced parents, many children simply don’t know what the word “divorce” means. All they know is their parents were together and now one parent is packing their bags. In “Divorced Kids” by Laurene Johnson and Georglyn Rosenfeld we read, “It is more difficult to handle children during and after a…

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