Discerning your students

Why social justice should not be the focus or goal of student ministry. — AYM – Youth Ministry Christian Article

According to the California Teacher’s Association website, generation Z is the generation that “while they may be named for the last letter of the alphabet, they’ll soon be at the forefront of solving the worst environmental, social and economic problems in history.”[i] This generation, born in the mid 90’s, or current middle and high school students, are supposed to be the ones that fix all our problems. This is the generation that will recognize the damage we have done to…

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Would a parent / teacher conference work in student ministry? — AYM – Youth Ministry Christian Article

I care so much about my children’s development: As a parent I spend so much time worrying about my own kids and their development.  When my son plays soccer or little league, I am always judging him and his ability compared to his peers.  If everyone is hitting without a T and my son can’t, then we go home and spend the week practicing hitting.  I love my kid and I want him to succeed. My son is in first…

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