4 Heartfelt Devotions for Your Children’s Ministry Team – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Inspire your volunteers with these thought-provoking, heartfelt devotions that renew their focus on God. Looking for a great way to strengthen relationships and encourage your amazing volunteers? We’ve got four heartfelt devotions designed to inspire your team, deepen their bonds, and refresh their hearts. 4 Heartfelt Devotions for Your Children’s Ministry Team Heartfelt Devotion #1: Together We’re Better This devotion is designed to help volunteers think through the strengths and uniqueness they bring to your team. Supplies Bibles, markers, colored…

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Saturday’s Small Thoughts – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); I really enjoy Saturday mornings when I get to sit with the morning sun softly lighting up my living room, and the time to talk with the Lord in a more relaxed atmosphere than the prior days of the week. I’ve certainly walked through periods of time when I felt dry, and sometimes when I didn’t even feel like talking to the Lord. Fortunately they were not long periods of time, and the occasional…

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Start the New Year with Our Bible Narratives Reading Plan – Christian Article

Stories shape us. When we read a story, we enter a world that the author has created and thus become shaped by that world. Experiencing the world of the story forms our imaginations of reality, our perceptions and affections, and even our worldview and beliefs. The same is true—perhaps even more so—with the stories of Scripture. Biblical narratives shape our imagination of who God is, what he is like, and what he expects of his people. The difference, of course,…

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