Making a Safety Vest | Mr. Mark’s Classroom – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

1. Remove bag handles and turn upside down. 2. Arm Opening: Cut across just below the folded bottom 3. Cut along the support strap to remove. 5. Reveal the side folds. 6. Cut outside folds and remove. 7. Neck Opening: Cut a two-inch strap on both sides. 8. Cut the middle part in half, between the straps. 9. Cut a middle slit opening on the front. 10. Cut a “V” shape on the front. (both L & R sides) 11.…

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Cement Truck with Bonus Props – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

This large colorful prop is perfect for a construction theme. The cement truck is eight feet long and over four feet tall. Its simple to stick on a construction foam panel and cut out with a sharp blade. The additional portion on the top can be connected with tape along the back seam. Use a chair to prop up the cement truck one piece of tape will secure it in place. This is a great colorful prop without tracing and…

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