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What about those who cry “Lord, Lord?” – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

On four occasions, Jesus spoke about people who would cry out “Lord, Lord” yet not be received into his kingdom. Who are these people and what have they done, or not done, to find themselves on the wrong side of Christ? First, note that Jesus is NOT talking about believers. Whenever Jesus used the phrase “Lord, lord,” he was talking about people who don’t know him: What do these Lord-Lord folk have in common? Jesus doesn’t know them. They may…

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Did Peter Preach Conditional Forgiveness to Simon the Sorcerer? (Acts 8:22) – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

If God loves you, God forgives you, and God loves you indeed! God’s forgiveness is revealed in the matchless and unrepeatable sacrifice of the One who died for all sin. In Christ, you are eternally and unconditionally forgiven. Good news, no? It’s a liberating truth, yet many haven’t heard it. They’re bringing sacrifices of tears and confession and they are trying to earn what God has freely provided. Their efforts are all for naught. Grace cannot be purchased; it can…

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