Daniel De Carlo

Friends, Enemies, and the Anti-Christian Right – Christian Article

By Daniel DeCarlo After the astonishing election of Donald Trump and the rise of the new Right that followed in its wake, the principles which for decades had held the conservative movement together lay in ruin. Trump redrew the electoral map and transfigured the political imaginations of an entire generation. On the morning of November 9th, 2016, at least for those on the Right, anything seemed possible. With the old, moribund Republican orthodoxy defeated, the only real question that remained…

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Love in the Time of Jordan Peterson – Christian Article

By Daniel De Carlo The decline of marriage in the United States has become a cause for hand wringing, especially among our ruling class of centrist pundits who man the battlestations of our nation’s indispensable middle-brow newspapers. The emerging conventional wisdom? The current, well documented and precipitous decline in marriage has been caused by a confluence of social and economic forces: the mainstreaming of the ‘60– well, really ‘70’s– free love ethos, currently manifesting itself in the form of “hookup…

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