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A Prayer for Women on International Women’s Day – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Today is International Women’s Day. Below is a prayer written for women around the world by Deborah Hirt and brought to my attention by Christine Sine. She thinks about all woman who deal with marginalization at many levels. She especially focuses on women who face physical dangers and she weaves her thoughts among the Prayer of Saint Francis. Lord, make me an instrument of peace: Bless all women who daily strive to bring peace to their communities, their homes and…

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What Makes America Great is Diversity – Christian Article

Seeking asylum is legal. Receiving asylum seekers is who we are. Diversity of race, religion, and ethnicity is what makes our country great. Adam McLane Published by Adam McLane Adam McLane is a partner at The Youth Cartel, co-author of A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media, blogger of 10+ years, and a fan of all things San Diego State University Aztecs. View more posts This is Only a Snippet of a Christian Article written by Adam McLane Read Full…

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Matching Scandals: How college admissions and criminalization of asylum seekers are linked – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); You all see the connection between the college admissions scandal and locking up asylum seekers like criminals, right? It’s obvious, right? Here’s why “some people” are worried about “those people.” Children of immigrants are “taking their spots.” Notice that as system-wide enrollment has increased who has benefited. In the University of California system admissions are blind to ethnicity and legal status. Since children of immigrants outpace growth of children of native born persons, you…

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