Cost of discipleship

Following Jesus Will Cost More Than You Think But It’s Worth It – Christian Article

I was 18 and at a young life summer staff camp when I first thought about the cost of following Jesus. I was a leader at this three-week camp. During this time, I was confronted with some hard questions while living among other Christians. It was the first time I realized that to follow Jesus; there would be some sacrifices. I realized at this moment that following Jesus will cost more than you think. Although at the time I didn’t…

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I Think Meeting Jesus is Like Getting Hit by A Semi-Truck – Christian Article

I’ve never met anyone who was hit by a semi-truck and lived to tell about it. I don’t mean getting sideswiped on the interstate in your car kind of accident. Nothing involving your car and a semi-truck. What I mean is, I’ve never met someone who stood toe to toe with a semi-truck and lived. Can you imagine the insanity of someone trying to convince you they were hit by a semi-truck as they stand in front of you a…

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