How To Lead Difficult Team Members – Orange Leaders – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

From your first year as a rookie in ministry until your final farewell tour of a half-century of servanthood, chances are that along your way you will eventually be confronted with a ministry partner (volunteer) that causes some friction either with your ministry team, with your ministry direction, or with you personally. And although there are endless reasons (or excuses) why a team member might not be in sync with the direction of your leadership in ministry; the fact remains,…

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10 Great Opportunities Conflict Provides – Christian Article

I hate conflict. I hate strife of any kind. I hate arguments. I wasn’t in the debate club in high school. When I was in college I didn’t join the protests that followed the Kent State shootings in 1970 (I just gave away hold old I am). But being a pastor for decades brought me into all kinds of conflict. Marriage and family conflicts, conflicts between church members, and even conflicts with other pastors (really? pastors have conflicts?) I have…

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A Game Changer for the Selfishness Problem – Christian Article

By Dave & Ann Wilson One Saturday several years ago, we flew to Illinois to watch one of our sons play in a college football game. As I (Dave) drove our rental car from the Chicago airport to the stadium, I glanced over at Ann, who was napping. I thought to myself, I am so lucky to be married to this woman. I took note of the cute little lines on her beautiful face and reminisced about all the memories…

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