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How One Alaska Church Is a Beacon in the Darkness – Christian Article

Nestled between the Chugach Range and the Talkeetna Mountains sits Palmer, Alaska, a city of around 7,200 people just 40 miles northeast of Anchorage. Palmer might look similar to many small towns throughout the United States, but its challenges are unique.  While Palmer is small, the city—and the state of Alaska—has the highest teen suicide rate per capita in the whole nation. As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, many Palmer residents face extreme poverty, abuse, hunger, and drugs. That’s where…

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The Amazing Calling of Motherhood – Christian Article

By Trillia Newbell The other morning I woke up while my children were still sleeping and began to pray. I started thinking about my identity. Who am I? As I settled into my prayer time, I began to rejoice at the thought that I am a mother. It is part of who I am. To my children, it is my name: Mom. The modern mom doesn’t always like to be identified as a mother. We have names and identities of…

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3 Questions Your Church Should Be Asking about Technology and Scripture – Christian Article

Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash A few weeks ago Faithlife hosted BibleTech, a two-day conference on the intersection of technology and Scripture in the Christian life. As a co-host, I had the privilege of sitting in on at least half the talks. Topics ranged from the future of AI in Bible study to the enduring value of paper Bibles, and overall attendees were warm toward technology. And yet there was an uneasiness in the air about it, too—fears about what technology might…

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