Community Building

Give Your Volunteers What They Need Most – Youth Ministry Christian Article

It starts innocently enough. She brings sandwiches for a Sunday-night event. She hangs out in the kitchen area, coyly watching all the fun and dreaming of what could be. Over the next few weeks, she strategically positions herself so she’s near the student room. And you smile and assure her it’s fine to hang out—because you’ve definitely noticed her. Conversations ensue. Coffee happens. She’s now working check-in. Smiles exchange. More conversations ensue. It’s becoming more serious. She’s exclusive now. She…

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Make “Less” Your “More” – – Youth Ministry Christian Article

From the last porch light of Halloween through the last light of the Christmas tree, our holiday schedules are packed! Cramming their way into our margins are school Christmas parties, staff get-togethers, and family dinners—and we haven’t even touched decorating, cooking, shopping, and wrapping. The holidays can be exhausting. So how do we “gift” families, volunteer leaders, and even our own households with margin during the holiday season? The temptation is to take a red pen or a pair of sharp…

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