Commentary by Gordon

Discouraged, Depleted, Drained! Don’t Give Up!!! – End Times Christian Article

Commentary By:  Gordon King Hello folks, I hope and pray that all are well!  However, if you are like me then you are most likely feeling down and depleted!  I’m not writing this to try and be a downer, but it is something that has been weighing heavily upon me for quite some time now and I have put off writing about it for that very reason.  I feel that there may be many more believers in the same boat…

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G20, ID2020, Agenda 2030, and the Mark of the Beast, what do they all have in common? – End Times Christian Article

Commentary By:  Gordon King Global agendas, the meeting of world leaders and the elite, coming together under the guise of creating a utopia upon the earth!  Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it?  But this is the reality of it my friends. The shadow government is forming a New World Order, the basis of a One World Government, the United Nations and the G20 summit forming it’s framework! Over the past decade we have heard of their plans of Agenda…

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