JOIN ME for my First Master Class: Thriving in Ministry – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

It doesn’t matter how talented, skilled or experienced you are in ministry. If you burn out, none of that will matter. Ministry is TOUGH. You must take care of yourself! YOU are the most important part of your ministry. That’s why you need to join me for a 6-week Master Class that will ensure that you not only survive ministry, but thrive in ministry. The First Master Class starts in January – and space is limited! 1. January 6th through…

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Why You Need a Coach ~ RELEVANT CHILDREN’S MINISTRY – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

I played basketball in jr. high and high school.  As a basketball player, you are always looking for ways to improve. One day after practice, the coach asked if he could give me a pointer on my shooting flow. I responded with a “yes” and so he shared this piece of advice with me. He said when I was shooting the ball, my elbow was going wide.  This was causing the ball to not go straight and was a big…

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