DC4K » Gaming addiction and kids of divorce – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Today’s post is by guest author Linda Alderfer, DC4K director and ministry coach.   Why do children’s ministers and DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids) leaders need to be aware of gaming addiction? Excessive use of video games can become a trap (an addiction) kids get caught in as they try to escape their emotional turmoil. Experts have found that excessive gaming leads to addiction and health issues. According to adolescent expert Jim West, MA, LMHC, NCC, at Total Life Counseling Center,…

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DC4K » 15 fears and worries single parents face – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Recently in our Single and Parenting class we covered the question, “What fears and worries do you have raising your children by yourself?” Our group was quick to share from their hearts. I’ve asked this question many times at workshops and seminars. Here are some answers I’ve garnered over the years How would I keep my kids safe? When my kids lived close by I never worried about their safety. If something happened I was just down the street but…

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Single dads are dads too! – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

  This month I’d like to bring emphasis to the single dads in our world today. Let’s start by thinking about single dads and Father’s Day. Father’s Day is set aside to celebrate the father’s in our world. Some children of divorce may not have a close relationship with their father. Perhaps the Lord has provided another person to play that father role. If the Lord has provided a grandfather, uncle, older siblings, neighbors or even a male mentor from…

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