Are kids from devoutly Christian families with same-sex attraction at higher risk of suicide? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

The featured article in this month’s Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) is titled LGBT Youth, Mental Health, and Spiritual Care: Psychiatric Collaboration With Health Care Chaplains. As one of a very small number of Academy members in a position to comment on the cultural competency necessary in working with Christian families who adhere to traditional church teaching regarding sexual expression, I’ve been wrestling with how to best respond to the authors. One reason this…

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How The Local Church Is Changing The World – Christian Article

Tweet The local church is changing the world more than you can imagine, and doing it one community at a time. Church and Community Not all communities who live in poverty have schools. Not everyone has access to hospitals or even clean water, but where there’s a local church, there is hope. Churches belong to the community, so they are uniquely placed to meet their needs. And in partnership with international charities, churches can…

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