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Church Websites: 3 Tips for Authentic Storytelling – Christian Article

You’ve most likely been told that your website is the first impression people have of your church. And it’s true. Your website is the front door to your church. It’s a key space to invite others and share your unique story. According to research, people spend less than 15 seconds on a website on average. That means each word and image you choose for your site needs to have maximum impact. So, how do you communicate in a way that…

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How to Choose the Right Church Website Domain Name – Christian Article

If you want your church to be more discoverable online, one of the best things you can do is nail your domain name. Here are nine quick-and-dirty tips to follow on your way to a memorable, discoverable church website domain name. 1. Get as close to your church name as possible Instinctively, people type the name of a company or organization into their address bar, followed by .com. Or, people simply Google the name of your church. If that name…

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