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Who are the Disciples of Christ? – Christian Article

Tweet Who are the Disciples of Christ? What do they believe? A Disciple Before we look into who or what a disciple of Christ believes, we must understand what a disciple is. The word comes from the Old English discipul (fem. discipula) which comes from the Latin discipulus, meaning, “pupil, student, follower,” and said to be from discere, meaning “to learn” from which we get the word “discern,” but a disciple is someone who…

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Five Things I Love About Churches of Christ – Christian Article

I grew up in churches of Christ. I unapologetically claim them as my family. But as a millennial, I recognize that many of my peers in churches of Christ are leaving or are incredibly critical. Of course, I recognize the truth in some of their complaints, but there are still countless reasons I love, appreciate, and remain committed to the congregations who identify as churches of Christ. Please don’t read the following list in a holier-than-thou tone I’m not saying…

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