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What South Korean Christians Want You to Know About Coronavirus – Christian Article

About a month after the first coronavirus case appeared in South Korea, an infected man attended Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a cult of more than 300,000 that believes Jesus was reincarnated in its leader. This man ended up infecting thousands—in fact, more than 60 percent of the nearly 8,500 cases in the country have been linked to Shincheonji. Though South Korea hasn’t required a lockdown, most churches voluntarily had closed their doors by March 1. That decision was emotional, since…

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5 Advantages of a Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry – Christian Article

When I first began to drive, finding destinations required a map. As in a fold-out map. It wasn’t uncommon, when using one that hadn’t been updated to include new roads, to take a wrong turn and have to pull over, look at the map again, and adjust the route. There was none of this Google-Maps-automatically-adjusting-directions-to-help-me-find-the-best-way-out. It was a slow processs, and compared to today it all seems so archaic. And this reaction—it all seems so archaic—is the response I sometimes…

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