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His Bride Is Still Beautiful – Christian Article

We live in an age of constant bad news. Mass shootings, wildfires, hurricanes, social and political division, distrust in the highest levels of government—everywhere you look it seems the world is holding on by a thread. Turning your gaze to the church doesn’t seem to make things better. You see stories of pastors falling into sin and disqualifying themselves from ministry. There are heaps of abuse allegations. More churches than ever focus on felt needs rather than gospel truth. But…

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20 Quotes from the Book Your Pastor Wishes You’d Read – Christian Article

The following quotes caught my attention as I (Matt Smethurst) read Christopher Ash’s brilliant new book, The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (But Is Too Embarrassed to Ask) (The Good Book Company, 2019). If you and I do not care for our pastors, then they will not be able to care for us. (11) We tend to see our pastors at their most polished. I want us to see them, or at least imagine them, as they are. (13)…

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